Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeup is probably the most important makeup of your life. When you choose me for your wedding makeup you are choosing years of experience and training. I understand the importance of looking stunning in person, and on your photographs. After all your photographs will hopefully be with you forever! Using photographic makeup techniques and premium quality products I will make sure that your wedding makeup looks incredible.

Not only do you need to look fabulous, but you need to feel fabulous too! Weddings can feel daunting if you are not surrounded by the right people in the lead up. Which is why all of my bridal packages come with a makeup trial included. This is when we meet and you can decide if we are a good fit. We will have 90 minutes to try out your ideas, and work on the final look so that the morning runs smoothly.

On the wedding day I will bring with me everything I need, including photographs and notes from your trial. I’ll have my lighting with me too, so all I will need is an area with a seat and a nearby plug socket.

I can work with your photographer and hair stylist to ensure that we are in-sync and everything is running smoothly. I also always make sure to have time for quick touch-ups before you leave for your wedding, so you and your girls will all look fresh!

If you would like a quote for your bridal makeup please contact me