How does a Makeup Artist clean her brushes?

Have you ever sat down to carry out the daunting task of cleaning your makeup brushes at home and thought ‘there has to be an easier way to do this’…?

Well, as a busy makeup artist, I can tell you that I have tried every method under the sun trying to work out what is the quickest and most effective way to get them clean AND sanitised! ?

Because I for one have not got time for sitting over the bath with the shampoo and conditioner and every other soap in the house, rubbing my brushes vigorously on that plastic bumpy mat trying every squiggly pattern to get that damn lipstick out!

Phew! Well I have found a better way! THIS method is the simplest, most effective way to clean brushes, tried and tested! And girls, I’m lazy so believe me this is the easiest way.

I have made a quick video to run through the steps so you can see how its done, and I have also written out the steps in more detail below.

You need:
– A spinning brush cleaner (you can do it without but these are so much faster! Any cheap one will do)
– Warm water
– Soap (MUA tip – Dettol solid soap works better than any other soap, better than brush cleansers, even on creams and lipsticks! And its antibacterial ✅)
– Tissue paper and a towel
– Surgical Spirit optional

1. Wet the brush
2. Lather in soap
3. Swipe off excess
4. Using brush spinner*, spin in water 10-20 seconds
5. Spin out of water 10-15 seconds
6. Repeat if necessary

• Optional •
Use Surgical Spirit on a tissue to fully sanitise bristles (Do NOT dip brushes into spirits because this will quickly damage the glue that holds the bristles)

*If you don’t have a spinner, swish the brush in the water vigorously, squeeze out excess water with tissue, and then lay flat on a towel or place them bristles down, to dry – this will prevent water sitting under the bristles and damaging the brush handle or the glue ?

Cleaning brushes regularly will help them last longer, your makeup will go on so much nicer, and it will help prevent breakouts.

I hope this has been helpful! Don’t forget to find me on Facebook and join my FB group, ‘Makeup & More’ for makeup and beauty chat, tips and tutorials ? I’d love to see you there!

Kaylee xx

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