Primer, is it necessary?

When I talk to people about makeup, this subject comes up quite often. What I’ve learned is that primer is a lot like marmite, some people swear by it and some people think it’s a useless extra step in their makeup routine.

And I totally get why people have such opposite views on it, because not all primers are created equally. And on top of that, different primers suit different skin types.

For me as a MUA, primer is essential, and if you do find the right primer it will absolutely extend the wear of your foundation and even help it apply more evenly.

This one by Max Factor is my current fave that I use most often in my makeup kit, it’s not too expensive and suits most skin types.

To be totally honest I don’t 100% believe all the skincare claims it makes but I don’t know too much about skincare past the bare minimum, but I do know that this works really well as a primer.

My tips would be, for most people, avoid silicone based ones (those silky smooth pore filler ones) because they can actually cause your makeup to slide around more by the end of the day.

I would also always apply a light moisturiser under your primer (this one or any other) so that your skin doesn’t get too dry throughout the day.

If you have super oily skin and your makeup still isn’t lasting, I know an incredible trick from an amazing MUA called Jordan Liberty, which I’ll share in another blog post. But if you don’t want to wait, just Google Jordan Liberty primer trick.. honestly he’s amazing!!

Let me know your primer opinions comments!

Kaylee xx

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